Proven Strategies that Work!

Our Solution Selling Process coupled with our six-month implementation produces results for even the top sales professionals.

    In 1996, Strategic Selling Solutions was founded to design and deliver customized training programs to put salespeople in a position to win and give management the tools to ensure that success. A lot has happened since our founding, but one thing remains constant: the salesperson who executes the selling process effectively will win the sale more often.

    There is a direct correlation between a sales funnel with qualified prospects and success. Our Solution Selling System is designed around the sales funnel in that we have a process to fill it, a system to implement it, and a mechanism to measure it. Most sales development programs rarely address or have a plan for the morning after the training is completed. Our six-month implementation plan kicks in the day after the training is completed and month-by-month reinforces and measures the results of each participant. It reinforces to the participants that if your sales and income are down, it is because you are not prospecting enough, presenting enough, or following up and closing enough.