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Imagine if...
all of your salespeople exceeded their sales targets.

Do you have salespeople who are struggling to meet their sales targets, fill their pipeline with qualified opportunities, and improve their closing rates? Imagine if they had access to a sales coach that would teach them to increase performance.

More than ever, companies are turning to coaches as a solution for under performing salespeople. We are living in the "Age of Communization". Ask yourself:

  • Do you have competitors with similar products or services?
  • Do you have competitors that can provide a similar service, or technical support?
  • Do you have competitors that will sell for less?

For the last 20 years, Selling That Works has provided coaching to those salespeople struggling to meet their sales targets in today's competitive market.

We help these salespeople:

  • Meet sales targets
  • Create qualified opportunities
  • Improve closing rates

Selling That Works will provide guidance and help your salespeople define goals and strategies to win, develop effective sales habits to reach their goals and their ability to master The Art of Diagnostic Questioning. We develop a sales person's trust by the results they achieve and our ability to connect with and motivate their efforts.

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    • "Marc has a unique style that is both direct and informative. His ability to read the needs of people and programs associated with selling is uncanny."

      - David Ferraro, Vice President, Carris Reels

    • "Selling That Works' focus is on the development of your people resulting in increased sales and profits."

      - Jim Hunter, Vice President of Supplier Services, IMS Americas

    • "Marc’s knowledge of basic selling skills and fundamental methods and the engaging way that he presents them to newly promoted line salespeople insure that they retain and use what they have been taught and face new assignments believing they can succeed."

      - Michael A. Harris, Aftermarket Sales and Strategic Alliance Manager,
      Joy Global Underground Mining

    • "Matching our customers' needs with our company's capabilities, while working with the final decision maker, has quickened our sales cycle and led to record growth for our organization."

      - Tim Richardson, Vice President Sales and Development, United Displaycraft

    • "I wanted to thank you for what I believe to be by far the best Sales Training Course I have ever attended. Your course offers an efficient and professional method for successful selling. A complete professional plan that helps each salesperson differentiate themselves from the competition in today's marketplace."

      - Danny Williams, Sr. Account Executive, Vertis Communications

    • "Imagine learning without being taught! That is the experience I have had each time I've worked with Marc. His uncanny ability to teach through storytelling sets him apart from the traditional workbook style sales training platforms because he weaves in foundation-building skills with contemporary relevance. Salespeople are emotional creatures and while we need to know our product, our job is much more than spewing product specs to our clients. Marc's programs are indeed structured uniquely for each client and his follow up is seamless. It's easy to experience a sample of his narrative genius...simply call him and start a conversation. You may be amazed at what you learn about your organization."

      - Ed Levy, Edventure Promotions