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November 3, 2016
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What Exactly is a Customer Experience?

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  One of the most-important concepts in the world of commerce is customer experience. No matter what industry you happen to be in, you will always want to make sure that your customers have the best experience possible when interacting with your business. The experience that a customer has starts from the very first time that the individual or another company comes in contact with your business, and it continues for as long as there is some form of relationship between the two parties. In a marketplace that often has numerous companies offering the same kinds of products and services, it is important to offer up a great customer experience in order to stand out from the pack. Companies that provide a great experience time after time are likely to earn repeat business, while those who ignore this part of their operation will send customers into the arms of the competition. It isn’t quick or easy to develop a well-rounded experience for your clientele, but it certainly is worth it in the end.  

A Retail Example

This concept is easily explained through an example from the world of retail, although this is a topic that extends to any kind of business operation. In retail, providing customers with a quality experience means making it as easy and enjoyable as possible for them to shop in your store. Among the many potential elements that can be included under this umbrella are the following – • Providing a store environment that is easy to maneuver and navigate • Making employees available to answer questions in a friendly and helpful manner • Offering plenty of check stands to limit wait times • Having a customer service desk to handle inquires, complaints, returns, etc. The list above could go on and on in reality, as each business has a unique perspective as to what it means to offer a great customer experience.  

Overall Satisfaction

No matter what steps are taken in this pursuit, the goal is always the same – to have the customer walk away from their experience with your business feeling like they go exactly what they needed out of the transaction. If there was any disappointment or frustration along the way, that customer may choose to try out one of your competitors when they are ready to make another purchase. You don’t want to allow that thought to creep into the back of their mind. By providing nothing but excellent service along the way, your customers will be excited to return time and time again. This topic can really only be defined in general terms because it is so specific to the industry and business and question. However, it is easy to say this much – customer experience speaks to the way that a business interacts with its customers along every step of the buying cycle. The companies that do it well tend to be those that succeed, while those who pay little attention to this part of their business will soon struggle to survive.